A Break Escape At Work

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I am sure we would all agree that we are very busy people.   We have so many demands in our lives with trying to balance work life, home life and personal “me” life.

I do not know about you but for me it seems that the personal “me” life is usually the last to get attention.  Yet, when we make time for our self, it will help us to accomplish and balance our home and work life better.

It is proven that we can accomplish more by taking time out for relaxation. Sounds too good to be true, but it is.  When we are stressed and under pressure we use up our energy, which may be why at the end of a day that has been stressful we are exhausted.  Even when you have not been physically busy, it is stress burns us out.

Taking time to relax, really relax, each day is rejuvenating for your mind and your body; you will actually have more energy and be able to accomplish more each day.

Now I know that you are thinking, “Right, I have time to relax during my busy schedule?”  The amazing thing I found is that you do not need to have a lot of time to relax in order for it to be beneficial, just a quick 10-15 minutes.

Depending on the type of person you are, there are a few simple relaxation techniques that can be accomplished during this short time.  Just 10-15 minutes of the following will produce ample benefits for you on a daily basis.

1. Quiet meditation and deep breathing

2. Tense and relax muscle techniques

3. Visualization techniques

If you can find a way to grab a few minutes during your lunch hour for yourself and try one of the above, you will begin to see the benefits right away.  It will make a difference in your day and will be something to look forward to.

The link below has great information on different types of relaxation techniques and helps you do figure out which technique is good for you.  Give yourself the gift of a relaxation break each day, you deserve it and not only will you feel better, but also I bet your coworkers will wonder what is going on with you.  Make sure you share the link with them also, the whole office could use some stress relief.

Relax Stress Relief

5 thoughts on “A Break Escape At Work

  1. Good advice Tina. I for one seem to be on the go ALL the time. However, we take time to walk our dogs during the day (we work from home mostly) and this is a welcome break in the day. Sometimes it’s stressful because we’re busy and IT still needs to get done. But mostly, we take time to talk and just BE with the dogs. Having said that, I could do with a daily practice of mindfulness in some way – thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    • Hi Stu

      How nice that at least you can make the time during the day to walk the dogs. It is hard for those who are not able to leave their place of employment due to commute, etc. Just escaping to the parking lot for a brisk walk will help or sitting quietly in their office with the light off and the door closed for 15 minutes will help. I guess it is being aware that we need that time out to be able to keep going and then doing the best we can to accomplish it that matters.

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