Whats Your Next Move?


We tend to be our worse enemy when it comes to reaching for our wildest dreams.  We stop them in the thought process and never even try.  Why?  What would happen if we just tried to reach for whatever we really wanted to?  There is only one way to find out….. whats your next move?


8 thoughts on “Whats Your Next Move?

  1. Tina, an interesting post and the timing… I reach for the stars and my dreams, it is at times very difficult to keep focused and to “Stay the course” especially when for most of my life I was conditioned and trained to stay grounded so to speak. Many years I was happy with where I was and the path I had chosen, then one day it became so clear that what I wanted and the life I was living were not the same. Personal losses and tragedy in my field of dreams so to speak made me come to the realization that I was not living a dream at all nor had I chased one. I lived the life that was somewhat pre determined by my youth circumstances and what was expected of a young man from the wrong side of the tracks. No real shot at a formal education having to work from the age of 13 becoming a construction worker and carpenter after joining the Army at 17 only to realize that life wasn’t for me. I read a post from another blogger a short time back that resonated quite true I thought I would share as I read your post and the sentiment expressed…” It is better to be standing at the bottom of a ladder you want to climb, than be at the top of a ladder you don’t want to be on”. To not follow ones dreams is as I read on another inspirational blog is to commit spiritual suicide. Many of us myself included at times view our dreams as just that dreams rather than a call from our inner self to reach higher and not settle for what is expected by our families or society or the way we were conditioned to accept what is there in front of us. My next move? I take steps everyday to be the writer, poet, artist and beautiful human being I am. Where the steps will take me I do not know yet it is a ladder I would like to climb even if I was at the top of another ladder that tipped over, I could stand that ladder again yet I know what is at the top of that ladder.. It certainly is my dreams! A long winded comment yet you asked and to articulate the thought a little more than just a few words came to mind. Thanks for sharing the post and for asking the question. I hope many more will share their thoughts and reach for their dreams rather than scrapping them.
    Joe 🙂

    • Joe
      Thank you for sharing. We are all on the road to…. wherever it takes us. We try to set goals and direction yet at times we end up somewhere that we never thought we would be.
      I think that as long as we are seeking and heading in the direction that we desire (at least for the moment) that we are doing the best we can.
      Where we end up…. is another story.
      I believe having goals is a must otherwise we will wonder aimlessly. Do those goals and visions change… yes.
      I guess in the end what I want is to say…. I did a good job, I am happy and hopefully have no regrets.

      Your friend

  2. Tina my beautiful friend… You have done an awesome Job, you are quite an amazing and inspirational human being I would certainly hope you have no regrets.

    I regret I left such a long winded comment… I am very fortunate and grateful to have you for a friend. Thank you! 🙂 Your friend Joe

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