Choosing A Bad Attitude


I came across this picture and quote and could not resist posting it.  It is amazing what we can or cannot accomplish just because of the attitude that we choose.  

Do not lose one moment or one opportunity because you have chosen the wrong attitude…. We only have one life to live and no matter how long you are here it is too short!!!

13 thoughts on “Choosing A Bad Attitude

      • Life is going well. I am enjoying the time in Spokane and am making progress on the dissertation. I do look forward to going home in early May. I think you are right Tina being able to choose one’s attitude and day can be a freeing experience.

    • Hi Mimi I had the same thing happen to me. All of the sudden I wasn’t getting half of the blogs that I have subscribed to. I contacted WP and they said the box that said notify me of new posts got unclicked??? I fixed that, but I still do not get all of them. I end up having to do a google search for the blogs I want to find. Not sure what the problem is.

      At least we know how to contact each other 🙂

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