Focused Thinking


Boxing Girl

A few weeks ago I wrote about The One Thing by Gary Keller and how if you can focus enough to get your goal down to “the one thing” and accomplish it that it will act as a catapult for the other things that you want to accomplish.

It takes focused thinking to bring everything in your mind together to have one clear amazing goal that you can see.  When focusing on this one goal it give you the motivation and drive that it takes to reach it.

By not keeping the goal or target right in front of your eyes daily you will begin to lose sight of where you want to be going and eventually the drive that would get you there.

All sports have either a goal line, post, hoop or finish line.  There is some sort of point that once reached means you have competed the goal that you set out to do.

You must have a vision for the end result in order to set the direction that you will need to pursue it.  Just as in a game the direction may change some, but none the less the goal remains the same, which is the finish line.

Stay focused…. Stay focused …..Stay focused.  Repeat your goal several times a day to yourself to keep focused on where you are heading.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” ~ Paul J. Meyer


8 thoughts on “Focused Thinking

  1. Good observation Tina. What we must always keep in mind with goals is the journey. It sounds a bit of a cliché but without the journey the goal loses it’s meaning. If someone said to Usain Bolt “Don’t bother racing, we know you’re the fastest, we’ll just give you the medal and the others can race for 2nd place.” Do we think that would satisfy him? Of course not. He must RUN the race, endure the training and PROVE he’s the best, otherwise it’s meaningless. So let’s all look at our journey, no matter how arduous, no matter what the struggle – and appreciate that without it our goal is pointless. 🙂

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