Do You Look Like A Professional?


Far too often people in leadership roles do not take the time to examine how they appear to people who they come in contact with.  What do I mean by this?  If you are a manager, do you take a look at yourself in in the mirror each day before leaving for work?  Do you ask yourself “Do I look like the professional that I am?”  Do you look like the professional that my staff expects me to look like?

My Aunt Dollie recently sent me an article from the May 2014 Allure magazine titled “Lessons from a Media Trainer.”  This short article talked about people who are in positions that present or report to others and how they need to think about how they look and how they present to those they come in contact with each day.

People in a leadership position need to stage a dress rehearsal,  to make sure they present the position they hold.  Managers need to make sure when they are holding a staff meeting they prepare and know the material they are presenting, just as if they were doing a presentation for 500 people.

Staff members look up to their superiors and so they need to make sure they are delivering (both in appearance and in their actions) what is necessary to keep the team moving forward and growing with the company.

If your office dress code states that you should be neat, clean, and professional looking, do you actually know what that means to your superiors or whoever wrote the policy?  If it is not spelled out clearly, i.e., pressed clothing, hair combed and in place, no tattoos showing, teeth brushed, a white shirt with tie and black slacks.  Do you know what is expected of you?

If you oversee other employees, you need know how your appearance and personal actions will affect them and your position being a superior they answer to.  Take the time to think about how what your appearance is like and how you behave and the affects it may have on those you work with.

What do you see in the mirror today?

Is it someone who other will look up to and respect?


5 thoughts on “Do You Look Like A Professional?

  1. Many years ago when I first started working in the real estate industry, I had an employee who looked “normal.” One day he came in with pierced ears, a pierced nose, and a pierced lip. I suspect he had other piercings that weren’t visible except at a nudist beach. I asked him, “How many Realtors have you seen with ear, nose, and lip piercings.” He never came in with piercings showing again.

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