Attitude Is Everything


Happy Monday to you all!  Many years ago I would listen to Charles Swindoll every morning on my way to work.  He always had words of wisdom to share and many times his words would get me through the day.  I thought I would share some of his words of wisdom with you this morning to start your week off right.

Attitude is Everything ~ Charles Swindoll

Positive thinking and a positive attitude are the essential keys to success and happiness in life.

Our thoughts shape and color every aspect of ourselves. Attitude, in deed, is everything.

People who dismiss positive thinking as unrealistic are missing the point.

It’s not about believing that everything in life will always be perfection and bliss. Or that you merely have to think something and it will come true.

It is about framing your mind to help you achieve the best that you can be. It’s about giving yourself the hope and encouragement to carry on through tough times. And giving yourself the drive and enthusiasm to make the most of the good times.


5 thoughts on “Attitude Is Everything

  1. Exactly Tina. It’s usually the negative naysayers that brand positive thinking as ‘floopy’ or ‘unrealistic’ – and yet they are the ones usually most miserable. Give me a positive mental attitude any day. 🙂

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