The Goal Is What?


I was reading a supervisor’s guide by Skillpath Publications the other day and found some good advice in a chapter called “How to achieve goals and improve quality.”

It stated that many companies have slogans throughout their building about “Doing it right the first time,” Strive to be error free,” and “Make customers loyal.”

Posters like these are nice, but they really do not tell the employees what is expected of them in order to achieve the goals the company wants.

“Quality does not result from advice to “do your best” or to “be careful.” Measurable objectives need to be set and employees need to be trained on how to meet them.

If you are in a management position make sure that your employees have guidelines to follow on what steps to take in order to meet the goals of the company.  These need to be clear and concise.

If the company’s goal is to sell 20% more “widgets” this month, then what is the plan to achieve that? Do they know what the numbers are to beat?

Employees need to have concrete goals to achieve or they will just be shooting in the dark and hoping to reach what the company wants.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” ~ Tom Landry


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