Do You Only Work Hard When You Have To?

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An interesting thing happened at the office the other day.  One of our staff members was going to be leaving on vacation the next day and had a lot of work to do before going.  We have been busy at work and a little short handed lately and I knew that each of us had a few of those piles to get through.

Being under the pressure of leaving and having a lot of unfinished work this staff member really got focused on what needed to be done and finished most of what had been sitting on his desk for quite awhile.

The interesting thing was at the end of the he said to me, “Wow, I cannot believe I did so much work today to catch up.”  I agreed that he had really put forth the effort to catch up on somethings.

Then on the way home the thought occurred to me that we should just work extra hard because we are going to be gone for a few days, we should put forth that type of effort each day at work.  That is what our employer is paying us for. We need to give focused time and energy to our work every day, when we do it is amazing what we accomplish.

Having a work plan each day with top priorities and tasks to complete on a list in order will help keep you focused.

Make sure you give your employer a days work for a days pay.




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