Successful Manager Communication


When managers speak to their staff members they may not really hear the way they sound or come across.  They sometimes do not realize how much weight their words carry and what their staff is interpreting.  They need to remember it is not only what they say that is important, but it is how they say it that can make a big difference.

As a manager I know that there have been times when I have tried to communicate something to my staff, but it just did not come across the way that I intended it to.  Either I did not use the right choice of words or maybe my tone of voice was making the difference in what I was trying to communicate.

It is very important that managers or team leaders evaluate how they present, speak, and write things out to their staff.  Are you coming across clearly with what you are trying to convey?  Can you make it simpler and clearer?  How do you sound?

Here are a few points that will help you evaluate your communication abilities:

  • Be aware of how you speak, tone of voice, rhythm, and pace.  It makes a difference to motivate staff members.
  • Do not use the us versus them in any staff communications.  This can kill any inspirational message you are trying to convey.
  • Use your staff members names when talking to them alone and in a group.  Do not just point people out.
  • Look for positive interactions with all staff members and encourage their input and ideas.
  • When holding meetings or gatherings make sure that you are not rushed and pressed for time as this can make any positive plan turn into a negative one.
  • Make sure your body language projects sincerity, concern and honesty when interactive with your staff members.  They can and do read you loud and clear whether you think they do or not.

The way you communicate with your staff members does have a direct effect on their motivation.  Managers are key people when it comes to inspiring and motivating their staff to achieve their goals and expectations.

Take the time to evaluate how you are coming across to your staff members, it could make a big in not only your success as a manager, but also their success in the position they hold.


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