Integrity…. Choosing your thoughts


I had the opportunity to talk with some people who are not happy about what is happening at their place of employment.  These employees have been with this company for over 10 years each.  They like what they do and they feel that giving value to their customers is what it is all about.

Recently, the business hired an Executive Manager to oversee all of the departments.  This person was hired from the outside and none of the employees knew anything about her before she arrived.

During the transition of on-boarding, the new Executive Manager took the opportunity to talk one-on-one with each employee to meet them and let them know what she would be doing with their departments (or so they thought).

From what I was told, this woman was very nice, educated, and well spoken.  Well at least she spoke well, but what she had to say did not come across well at all to these employees.

When she talked to the individual employees she seemed to use the same script.  She talked about herself and why she was qualified for the position, which I thought was good.  She then talked about how the position was a stepping-stone for her to higher positions either with this company or somewhere else.  She told the employees that she earned her position, that it took hard work and looking out for number one.

She also told them many other things about her accomplishments as she climbed the corporate ladder.

After she was done with each interview she told the employees that she looked forward to working with them, that she was not a push over, and she knew with their help the business would do better and the corporate owners would know they made the correct decision in hiring her.  She asked for their support and told them they would appreciate her leadership abilities.

To sum it up, the employees never heard anything about what she was going to actually do.  They did not get to tell her anything about themselves and what they do.  She talked about herself and what she looked forward to gain with this position.

The employees all felt that she thought she was doing a good job with the interviews when, in fact, the interviews left a bad tasted in the employee’s mouths about who she was and what she planned to do in her new position.

They all felt a heaviness of dread and doom with this person as their Executive Manager.

Only time will tell whether this woman will realize the mistake she made and try to earn the respect of these employees.  If I hear the outcome I will be sure to share it with you.

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