Evaluating Your Management Skills

manager paper

“The task of management is to make people capable of joint performance, to make their strengths effective and their weaknesses irrelevant.”

                                                ~ Peter Drucker

What does it take to be a good manager? Before you can effectively and successfully manage other people, you need to know about yourself and your management abilities.

At a management seminar I attended, they gave the attendees the management quiz below to help us evaluate our skills.

As you read through the following points ask yourself if you agree or disagree with the statement.

You must be blatantly honest with yourself or you will not see the areas that need improvement.

  • I consider myself a good judge of character.
  • If an employee has a problem at work, I take the time to listen and offer help without being judgmental.
  • I trust people to do the right thing.
  • When a co-worker does not understand something, I do not lose my patience.
  • It is better to make the right decision than a popular one.
  • I am good at delegating work.
  • I know how to motivate my employees.
  • It is better to give instructions than orders.
  • People would say I have integrity.
  • My employees enjoy working with me.

Give yourself one point for every question you answered “agreed” and zero points for every question you answered “disagreed.”


8-10    You have the potential to be an excellent manager of people.

5-7     You could use some work on people-management skills.

0-4    You have a lot more to learn if you want to effectively manage people.

Self-assessment is important and it should be done on an ongoing basis as we need to continually learn and grow in our management skills.



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