TBT Technology and How We Listen To Music


Okay, here is an oldie but a goodie… a blast from my past.  It is a 4 track tape player.  I remember when I got my first tape deck for my car, it was so exciting that I was going to be able to purchase tapes of the records that I loved and listen to my favorite music in the car.

My tape deck plugged into a drop down frame below my dashboard.  I was able to remove it when I left the car so no one would steal it.. how cleaver.

With the speed at which technology was changing, as it does today, not too long after installing my 4 track guess what came out?  Yes, the eight track tape decks.

I was reminded of the 4 and 8 track tape decks recently by a patient who came into my office.  We were having a nice discussion of our younger years and the technology we have today.  One of my younger co-workers (20 something) was also in the room and when we talked about these tape decks she had no idea what we meant.  In fact, she did not even have a cassette tape player.  She was of the CD age.

My time does fly doesn’t it?

Happy Thursday!

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