What Can You Do To Motivate Your Employees?

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I decided to do a throw back Thursday for today’s post.  This post originally debuted in November 2011 and is still a post that gets hits almost daily.  The article in full is linked below as it is too long for a blog post.  

I think that this age-old question will probably be around for many centuries to come… What can you do to motivate your employees?

How do you motivate people to do the job you need them to do? How do you get your employees excited about their job? How can you inspire them to work harder and want to produce more? Most employers would agree that the best employees are the ones that are self-motivated. Our hope when we hire someone is that they are so excited about being hired that they naturally would be motivated to do a great job.

This is probably the case most of the time, at first, but what about when they have been on the job six months, are they still as motivated like they were the first week? Probably not, are you? None of us are, but we still have to go to work and produce everyday.  So as a manager what is the key to keep motivated to do what we need to do and to motivate others to do the same?

Employees that are motivated are loyal and dedicated to what they do. It is a fact that businesses that have motivated employees have less turnover and overall higher profits. The more motivated your staff the higher your office productivity will be. Motivating your employees then is essential to having a successful practice. You first need to ask yourself are you a motivational employer? Do you think that motivating employees should be your responsibility? Ask yourself the following few questions.

Click for Article in Full:

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