Whatever it is…. do it!


“Whatever it is, whatever it is, do it! Sure, there are going to be mistakes. Everything’s not going to be perfect. I’ve written thousands of words that no one will ever see. I had to write them in order to get rid of them. But then I’ve written a lot of other stuff too. So the good stuff stays, and the old stuff goes.”

                                    ~ Ray Bradbury

 This coming weekend I will be attending and speaking at a seminar in Virginia. One of the things that are required of the attendees is to fill out goal sheets for personal, financial, business, and fun.

I have to tell you, even though I am a pretty goal oriented person, this was a difficult task. Not only did I have to put down life goals, but also I then needed to come up with a three-year plan on how to achieve them.

In researching why people do not achieve their goals I found that 92% of people set goals but never reach them. That is so amazing to me, yet I understand why. They lack a plan to achieve them.

Writing the actual steps that it would take to reach some of my goals was painstaking; I kept putting my paper down and walking around the house.

I then realized that I was making this much harder than it needed to be. I am a planner and I was thinking of every little thing that may or may not happen when working toward my goals. The details would fill pages, and I was overwhelmed.

I then sat down and wrote bullet points without details on the steps it would take. Boy, was that much easier and I was able to complete the task.

Just as I was making this assignment too difficult to complete that is what most people do with their goals, they make them too difficult to ever reach instead of just taking one step at a time.

As we move toward our goals it will become apparent where we need make adjustments to reach them. The important point is that we are moving in the right direction.

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