Not Worthy Of Success


“You have untold strengths and resources inside. You have your glorious self.”

~ Sue Monk Kidd

In yesterday’s post I talked about how hard it was to put a plan down in writing to reach my goals.

For many people the thought of reaching big goals in their life they would consider making them successful will never happen.  Why?  They lack belief in themselves or in the goal.  As much as they can dream about what life would be like if they could reach this goal, they deep down inside know it will never happen.

Many people feel that they are not worthy of success.  No matter how many success books that they read or podcasts they listen to, they ultimately feel that success is for others not themselves.

They say “it would be great if some day I could.” But they stop there, never even writing down one step that they could take to move toward it.

John Maxwell wrote a book called Put Your Dream to The Test.  In this book he has the reader ask themselves 10 questions to work through whether or not your dream ( or goal) is really something that you really desire.  If you can answer yes to the ten questions he walks you through, then he believes you have an excellent chance at achieving your dream goal.

I found this book really helped me to focus on what my dream goals were and was able to work through developing a simple plan to head in the direction to achieving them.




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