Old School Management Still Exists


This past weekend at a conference I had the opportunity to present to medical office managers and administrators.

There were three of us presenting together on a variety of topics from team building to creating a great work environment.

After the session was over I was talking to a manager who said something that took me somewhat by surprise. She said that she never really knew that being a manager could be fun and an enjoyable position.

She thought that managers needed to be stern, tough and  good disciplinarians. That a manager should be someone that staff feared.

She was very surprised that the presenters said that a manager should be someone that encouraged their team; made sure they had proper training and tools to carry out  their job. She also was surprised that managers should interact with their staff in a friendly way, offer to help and direct them when needed.

One presenter talked about having fun with their staff and doing team-building activities and sharing a meal together. This manager never had lunch with her staff before, as she thought a manger should not get friendly with their staff or they would not respect them.

Her eyes were opened and she was excited about what she had heard. She was not sure how she would begin to develop a new culture in the office, but she knew that the staff would probably really like it.  She also knew that she would be a much happier person at work.

Ken Blanchard has written many books on the workplace culture and how to motivate people. The link below is to an e-booklet that he has written about creating a motivating work environment.

If you think your workplace could use a shot of motivation take a look at this e-booklet as well as some of the other publications by Ken Blanchard..

Creating a Motivating Work Environment

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