We Must Put Change To The Test


Change is difficult, more difficult for some than others.  If you are one who becomes rigid when changes are mention, this exercise just might help you out.

If you look at change in the negative way because you feel that things are fine just as they, are or if it works don’t break it, maybe you could look at change in this way.

Test the change for 30-60 days.  Agree to try it the new way giving it a 110% of your effort (which is important to do) and then evaluate it after the time allotted.

Many times we will voice our objections to change and we do not even know how it might work out, we just do not like to change things, it takes effort and possibly learning new things, that takes time and we do not want to do it.

After giving the change a fair test (and you have to do this) you can give your honest opinion, because you have given the change a good effort to prove as to whether it is beneficial or not.  You must have the data to support why it is not if you feel that way, it cannot just be because you do not like it.

Changes are hard, but most of the time we stop them before we really know if they can be good or not.

If things did not change in most aspects of our life what would things really be like?

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
―Andy Warhol 

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