Communication…. Leave no room for guessing

Two business people laughing in office space with papers

Clear communication in the workplace almost sounds like an oxymoron since it sounds logical and easy, when, in fact, it is not and often does not happen. 

If you think about how many actual relationships there are in your workplace the thought of having anything being communicated clearly to everyone is quite a feat.  In our office there is seven of us, this means that each person has 6 relationships (one with each of the other six) going on under one roof daily, that is a total of 36 relationships interacting each day! 

No wonder we have a hard time with clear communication, especially when some of our interactions are brief or hurried.  At times we seem to play the telephone game, where one person will tell one person something and then they pass it on to the next person and so on and when it finally gets to the last person, what was told to them totally different from what was originally said. 

When you have a lot of relationships in the workplace there are a few easy rules that can be followed to make what we say clearer and more easily understood.

1. When speaking to one person use their name so they know it is just them that you are speaking to, and make sure you have their attention.

2. When speaking to more than one person make sure that you have everyone’s complete attention and they are ready to listen. Do not make a habit of repeating yourself.

3. Do not speak in vague descriptions, “Do your best today.”  What does this really mean?  To you one thing and to those you are speaking to something totally different.

4. Be clear and specific with your words, make what you say concrete and solid, no room for guessing.

5.  Use follow-up questions to make sure that you were not only heard, but that what you said was understood correctly.  Never assume that just because you said it, that it was understood.

Communication is an ongoing challenge that we must face on a daily basis in our workplace. Working on clear communication together can be a positive challenge that each person on the team works at creating better skills for making a better environment to work in.

Nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood. ~ Freeman Teague Jr.

One thought on “Communication…. Leave no room for guessing

  1. How often do we think something is obvious when actually it’s only obvious to us. As a friend of mine used to say: “What’s clear to you, is clear to you.” 🙂

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