Connect With Employees

Buisness CEO

Recently, when working with an employer, I asked him what would he thought that his employees would say about their job and their employer when someone asked them.

He really was not sure. He hoped that they would say nice things, yet he knew that some of them probably would not.

I then asked him if he knew if his employees actually liked their job. He thought that most of them did, but was not sure about a few of them because they never say anything and he never asks.

I asked him to ask himself the following three questions and write down his thoughts.

  1. Does my business provide high quality service and goods that my staff can be proud to recommend with confidence?
  2. Does my business have good delivery systems set that will ensure that promises and commitments made to our clients are met?
  3. Do I offer good business practices, honest, straightforward and carried out with integrity?

I told him that people want to be connected with a company that they can be proud to be working for. If he can answer yes to these questions, he then needs to ask his employees what it is that can be done to make their job more meaningful.

Asking questions about what matters to his employees and what training they would like to receive to do a better job, are part of what will keep them engaged with him and his organization.

He was happy because he could answer yes and now had a direction that he needed to take.

If you are an employer who cannot answer yes to these questions, do some homework and fix what is broken because you and your employees’ livelihood depends on it.



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