Too Many Office Policies

Employee Handbook Rules Policies Follow at Work Guidelines

We all know we need to have some rules at work in order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  But what types of rules and how many should there be?

This can be a pretty tough question, as many times it depends on the type of business, the business owner, and the people who work there.

Putting aside safety rules, which would be according to what type of business it is, for instance, a manufacturing company would have many more and different safety rules, than working in a medical office, what other rules would be very important to have?

One school of thought is to have as few rules as possible, but to have ones that would cover a lot of ground, such as if your business works with the public a good rule would be “always treat the customers with respect, care and a sincere attitude of wanting to help them.”  A rule like this speaks volumes and rules out a lot of what you are not to do.

Another school of thought is to have a rule that covers anything that has happened in the past or that might happen in the future, just in case it does.

Whatever type of business you work in you need to make sure you understand the rules, why they are there and then adhere to them.

The link below is to good site, Bret L. Simmons, and an article post that he has on “leadership rules” that is very good.  You might want to click the link after the article, “treating people as adults at work” he makes several good points about how adults should act at work and if they did you would need fewer rules not more.

Leadership Rules

One thought on “Too Many Office Policies

  1. Very nice post.
    I work for a large organization. We have rules and regulations for pretty much ever eventuality. I think the size of the organization also has a great deal to do with the number of rules. We have three (3) categories of rules and each of those are large books, hundreds if not thousands of rules.
    It would be amazing IF people would act their age (not their shoe size) while at work. The more rules there are the less mature people act. The less mature people act the more rules there are. Catch 22.

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