Resolving Personality Conflict In The Workplace

battle of two young female employees -  eye to eye

One of the most time consuming issues that a manager deals with is staff personality conflict. Of all the tough issues that are dealt with, this one has no simple solution because when personalities conflict, you cannot make those involved change their personalities.

What needs to happen is try to find ways that they can work together without rubbing each other wrong so much and to do that you need to open communication between the parties involved.

The most successful way to work through this is to talk to the parties involved separately to find out what the real issues are. Because sometimes one person will become so irritated with the other that they really cannot see what the true problem is.

Taking the time to talk it through with each party and bringing the issue down to its appropriate size, makes it is easier to examine. The manager then can assess possible solutions to make their work environment better for them.

Once a plan has been drawn up it is time to bring the parties together and discuss the execution of it and how to move forward letting each party speak their ideas and consideration of any additional steps that may need to be taken.

It is amazing what taking the time to address these human issues mean to the people involved. It shows them that their manager cares about them and about creating a good work environment for all.

You may ask yourself, is it worth all of this to keep employees happy? Yes, it is because it is proven that employee retention is one of the primary measures of the health of an organization. What do you think when you know that an organization has a high turnover rate?

Building relationships and learning to work together not only makes our workplaces better, it makes us better people.


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