Too Tired To Work?


Getting enough sleep is vital to being a functional person at work.  Sleep deprivation not only affects our work ability it can cause a lot of other issues in our life.

As a business owner or manager it is difficult when employees come in the office and the first thing they say is they are tired.  What they really are saying is that they will not be a “top performer” today.

There are many reasons for lack of sleep; some are physical or mental and others are because we choose not to get the proper sleep we need.

Whatever the reasons eventually lack of sleep will take a toll on your health and could lead to unpleasant issues at work.

The WebMD article below has interesting information regarding sleep and lack of it. If you find that this is an area that you struggle with seek help from your medical doctor.

Life is too short to be too tired to enjoy.

Sleep Disorders

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