Your Creative Genius

Today during my morning workout I watched the Ted video below.  The presenter is Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love.  In this presentation she shares what it is like being someone who wrote a world wide “insanely” famous book and what it is like afterward when others wonder how will she top her last literary success.

She takes a great look at when creative moments happen in peoples lives and where they possibly came from.  Many bright, creative people who have become “famous” for one thing struggle when they do not stay on top.  Many take their own lives because they cannot deal with what they think or others think is now failure for them.

If you have 20 minutes to spare this video is well worth it.  Elizabeth brings a wonderful insight on the creative genius.

I do not normally post videos, but this is a very good one.  I hope you enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Your Creative Genius

  1. I’ve watched this (also blogged about it too!) its a fantastic clip. What resonated with me, was keeping true to you goals, and not letting success and failures be an ends to you dream… thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Dina

      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, it was a great clip and it’s message was very freeing. It made me think of young people who strive so hard to be super achievers in school and then life happens and they feel like they are failures because they cannot stay up on the pedestal.



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