You Can Do It!


Far too often we have things on our list we need to get done, but just do not want to do them.  Maybe they are time-consuming or difficult.  Whatever the reason we tend to put them off until they feel like an anchor weighing us down.  I heard a speaker talk on this very subject and her solution was very simple and I might add it works.

She said that if you have things you need to do and really do not want to do them, you must look at them in a positive way.  You need to speak to yourself about them positively and focus on the end result of getting the task done.

For instance, you need to clean out the garage and it is a mess.  This is something that you have been putting off for a long time.  Put is on your calendar and then instead of looking at it as a dreaded chore, look at the end result of having a clean garage and talk positively about it.  Like, “Saturday afternoon my garage is going to look amazing and it will be so organized.  I will be able to find all of things I cannot find now.”

Then each day up to the “chore” continue to say positive things about the end result and think about how you are going to accomplish it.  The trick is to not let the negative thoughts back in.  It can be difficult, but it can be done and you will feel fantastic!

3 thoughts on “You Can Do It!

  1. And…break the task into small chunks: 1. I will just remove any items that are rubbish. 2. I will just remove any items that can be recycled, re-homed or given to charity. And so on. Shrinking the task lessens the feeling of overwhelm. 🙂

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