Make Today Count


In John Maxwell’s book, “Make Today Count” he talks about managing the discipline of priorities.  If you are like most people, this can be like riding a roller coaster.  We climb to great heights one day and then find ourselves on a downward spiral another.

Mr. Maxwell states that he has disciplined his priorities by living his life according to them everyday.  Wow, what does that mean?

According to Mr. Maxwell he follows the five steps below to achieve the ability to manage his daily priorities:

1. Evaluate Priorities Daily:  Priorities change daily so they need to continually be reviewed and evaluated.

2. Plan Your Time Carefully:  This can be a tough one; but according to a survey taken by Day-Timers, Inc., only one-third of American workers plan their daily schedules.  If you want to really get with it, plan your schedule 3 months at a time. (You might want to read the 12 Week Year by Brian P. Morgan,  for more ideas on this)

3. Follow Your Plan:  Stay on course.  If you do get blown off, stop and re-adjust your sails and get back to where you want to be headed ASAP.

4. Delegate Whenever Possible: At work this may be possible and then it may not.  If it is not, then make sure you do not take on more than is feasibly possible for you to accomplish in the timelines that you have.  Being realistic is very important in keeping our sanity and accomplishing what we need to do.

5. Invest in The Right People Daily:  Mr. Maxwell states; ” The time you spend with others can be a great investment.  Choose whom you will invest in, and then add value to them on a consistent basis.  You will never regret it. (I totally agree with this)

So, where do you stand when it comes to your priorities today?  Have you made a decision?  How will you complete them?

What is the one thing you must be disciplined each day to do to make sure your priorities are first and that they are accomplished?

Make Today Count

2 thoughts on “Make Today Count

  1. Hi Tina. Every year, in December, I pull out a dozen or so books to re-read during the upcoming year. I add them to the usually extensive list of ‘not yet read.’ Well, even though it’s still November, I have already selected a few for re-reading and one is …tada …“Make Today Count.” I’m a Maxwell fan.

    Thanks for your Thanksgiving well wishes. Had a hectic week, sorry for not responding sooner. Hope yours was joyful! We had a houseful for Thanksgiving, which happened on Friday instead of Thursday thanks to our northeast weather. Usually we don’t even get snow for Christmas, this year, a foot for Thanksgiving.

    Be well, Tina. Happy December! 🙂 -Paul


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