Better Business Outcomes With Employee Engagement

Doctor checking patient?s reflexes in doctor?s office

According to Gallup, in an article posted in their business journal August 7, 2014,  managers can build stronger teams by measuring employee engagement.  The article stated that in the healthcare industry not only can this build stronger teams it can create better patient outcomes.  I found this fascinating since I am in the healthcare industry and have written about the benefits of employee engagement.

“Measuring employee engagement is the first step great managers take to build stronger teams. But the best managers do more than just measure engagement. They listen to their employees and use their engagement data to guide their teams to improve performance. This is as true in the healthcare industry as in any other. By actively managing for engagement, performance-driven managers positively influence business outcomes and patient care.”

There are 4 areas of prime focus to create employee engagement the first is “the culture” of the organization.  What are the basic foundations of the business?  What does the leadership, ethics, values and vision look like?  If you are a business owner ask yourself if you were an employee would you enjoy working in the environment of your business?

Secondly, does the business provide “support and resources” for the employees continued growth in their position and opportunities for advancement?  Employees thrive when they are given opportunities to further their education and possibilities for advancement.

Third, is the organization “people-focused” leading to growth and continued changes in the field in which you are a part of?  Stagnant waters grow moss and attract bugs, fresh spring water is always moving it’s refreshing and inviting.

Lastly does the organization seek to build high levels of trust, pride, caring and fun for those who work there and for those they serve?

The benefits of engaged employee are endless.  It is the business culture that will drive its employees to engagement or drive them away from it.

How Healthcare Managers can Improve Patient Outcomes

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