No Greater Joy


For many, this week is represents a big Holiday and for many this Holiday may bring a lot of stress with it.  In the office that I work in we discussed several weeks ago about everyone taking a vacation day on Friday since Christmas fell on a Thursday and many of the staff would have relatives staying for the long weekend.

It just made sense for our office and once the decision was made you could feel the relief from everyone, knowing that they would have a long weekend to enjoy family and plan extra activities that would make the season more enjoyable for them.

It is important to remember that everyone reacts differently to Holidays, some are sad, many are stressed, and for some people they hate the Holiday season for some reason that they either will gladly tell you about or not.

We need to be sensitive to those we work with and how the Holidays affect them and their household.  We also need to remember we may have coworkers that celebrate different Holidays than what this week will bring.

While some people spend an enormous amount of money on “Christmas” gifts others may not be able to afford much, if any at all.  Telling others about all of the expensive gifts you purchased for your family may make them feel depressed, if they cannot do the same for those they love.

The best gift you can give your co-workers this week and always, is the gift of joy and peace.  Make their day at work the best you possibly can, wish them peace, happiness and blessings.  Leave the hustle and bustle out of the workplace and focus on giving from your heart.  Help each other during the day, make each other laugh and enjoy those you serve.

Material things will not last, but the joy you give others will.  Giving the gift of joy not only makes people feel wonderful, but it makes them want to pass it along to others and what could be better than that?  The gift that keeps on giving!

Have a joyful Monday!



5 thoughts on “No Greater Joy

  1. So true! My family just lost our grandmother and people are having a hard time understanding why we aren’t in the Christmas spirit. Everyone is different.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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