Knowing Oneself

What does the future hold fortune teller's banner

Knowing oneself can be most difficult at times because we have the choice to change our mind” ~ T.C. Totaro

Isn’t this the truth?  How many times have you thought that you knew exactly what you wanted out of life or even for dinner and then it changed with a flash of a thought?

For many they know exactly what they want and once they have headed down the path they never look any other way and are very content.

Then there are those who have a general idea of what they want and enjoy the many paths that will eventually lead them there .

Lastly, there are the free spirited people who just jump up, catch the wind and go wherever it takes them, loving their journey.

Looking into the future is exciting and scary, we think we know what might be there, but in reality we really do not.

So for today, for this moment we can choose, to be happy, to be thankful, help others and to enjoy life.

Have a great Monday!

4 thoughts on “Knowing Oneself

  1. As Bruce Lee once said: “Goals are not so much for achieving as simply having something to aim at.” Meaning the journey is the MOST important part, even when we think it’s not.

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