Is Leadership Your Calling?


Years ago I was part of an organization where the CEO made the decision regarding who was placed in Leadership positions.  I had the opportunity to ask him what criteria he used to determine that the people he picked for these positions were the right choices.  His answer was very simple; He said “the people he picked had already been doing the job of a leader, and he just made it official.”

Often people feel they cannot be leaders unless someone gives them the title, this simply is not true.  If you feel you are called to be a leader and helping others to achieve their best potential is your passion, then do it.

A title is just a title.  Being a leader is who you are and it is demonstrated through the attributes you display.  Leaders hunger after knowledge to be the best they can be and it can be witnessed by watching those they lead.

Leaders breed leaders they do not walk ahead of their team alone, they bring those they lead along side them and eventually they move to the back of the pack joyfully watching their team move forward.

Are you called to lead?  If so, then get started.

Below is a link to John Maxwell’s website.  Mr. Maxwell has written multiple books on Leadership.

John Maxwell on Leadership

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