Who Has Your Enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm concept.

“People who wait for external forces to help them spark their enthusiasm are at the other people’s mercy all of the time.”       ~ Charles Schwab

In talking with staff personnel I will often hear that they wish that their manager would be more motivating.  They would like to have an “up atmosphere” at work, but their manager just does not seem to get it.

My response is to them is “why are you waiting for your manager to be the motivating factor in your office, why don’t you do it?”

Usually, they are surprised by my response.  They really think that in order to have a great atmosphere and to inspire one another the manager has to do it first.

If you are naturally a positive, uplifting person, then take it away!  Choose to be who you are wherever you are and the more positive people at work the better the atmosphere is for everyone.

We need to take responsibility for our own enthusiasm.  Once you do I am sure you will begin to see a change in your attitude and the attitude of those you work with.


4 thoughts on “Who Has Your Enthusiasm?

  1. I lived through that exact scenario of an unmotivating manager – several times to be honest. After hearing similar advice; I began to be myself and emerged as a prominent, yet unpaid, cultural leader who earned and appreciated far more respect than the formal leaders in two companies.

    One of my GMs would often come to me for advice about how to deal with or motivate my peers.

    What surprised me most is that it happened VERY quickly and without much effort whatsoever

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