Why Can’t I Remember…

Memory Loss

There are times when I think my memory is failing me and it is scary.  These times usually happen when there is a lot on my plate and more is being piled on.

A friend of mine once told me this is called “input overload stress syndrome.” I had never heard of it, but it certainly makes sense.  When we excessively overload our brain eventually something is going to drop off the “radar screen.”

If you are experiencing too many of those “senior moments” you might want to try a few things I have found that have helped me.

  • Write all of your appointments or commitments down right away.  My phone is my brain back-up.  I also use a paper calendar for work related items.  There is no way that I could remember all of the things that I have scheduled.
  • I keep a small pad of paper in my car and in my purse.  If something comes up or I hear something interesting, I jot it down.  I also keep a pad by my bed because sometimes when I read at night and get a thought I write it down.  I use to think I would remember it the next day, but that did not happen.
  • I ask my staff if they need me to do something or get something for the office to please give it to me in writing.  I have a clip on my purse that I attach these notes to so I can remember to do them.
  • I plan my day, week and month, as much as I can, ahead of time and put notes with reminder “alarms” in my phone to let me know I need to take care of something. This works great when it comes to items that you do not do often, like putting flea ointment on the dogs.  Now, on the day that I need to do this an alarm goes off and it is taken care of and I set it again for the next month.

Some of these may sound silly to you, but for me they have been a source of relief.  I no longer have to keep these things in my mind to remember.  My mind now has room for other things.  Do I still have “senior moments?”  Occasionally, but I am less stressed about it when they happen.

I also have begun to use some games and challenges to strengthen my mind and memory.  I have attached an article from Mind Tools that has some good tips for developing your ability to remember.  We live such busy lives, so the more I can take off of my memory plate the better I can enjoy life not having to worry that I will forget something important.

Improving Your Memory


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