Why You May Not Like Your Coworker

Stressed business woman, pulling her hair out

When consulting with medical practices one of the most common problems that will come up is staff issues.

These will vary, but I can usually count on hearing why one or more employees doesn’t like someone they have to work with.

I thought this week in my blog posts I would talk about some of the most common reasons employees might not like a coworker.

I do not know how these issues rank in order, but I can tell you that the ten I will discuss are ones that I hear repeatedly.

Here we go!

  • They are lazy – No one likes to work with someone who does not pull their weight. Employees’ get mad when someone does half of the work they do yet receive a full paycheck at the end of the day. When management does not step in with discipline and correction in these situations good employees usually will look for new place of employment. Take heed business owners and managers, make sure you do not allow employees to be lazy.
  • They are complainers – What is worse than fingernails on a blackboard? A whining coworker. If you have had to work with one of these whining, complaining people you understand what I am saying. Having people like this in the workplace just make you want to scream and pull out your hair. They act like work is a burden and they find something to complain about everything. People like this make their coworkers work life miserable.

Employees with these bad habits need to have them addressed and dealt with if you ever expect to have a good work environment. As I mentioned above coworkers can only deal with these types of people for just so long before they look for a new place to work.

Replacing employees is expensive.  It is better to deal with these types of issues to resolve them (they change their ways or termination) than to lose good employees.



2 thoughts on “Why You May Not Like Your Coworker

  1. The lazy employees most likely do not believe they are lazy in my opinion. They may spend more time talking on the phone to customers, vendors and employees or they may not know how to manage their time efficiently. I agree that you don’t want these problems to fester and go for long before addressing them.

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