Woe is me… terrible coworkers


On Monday I started addressing the topic of “Why you many not like your coworker

Today, I will continue with three more reasons that I am sure you will agree with.

  1. It’s all about them – You know this type of person, they are the one that you can only stand to be with for a few minutes and then want to walk away. Everything they talk about has to do with them. “I cannot believe how much work I have.” “I did not get much sleep.” My spouse is so controlling.”   I think you get the idea. You work with this person eight hours a day and know every detail about their life, but they have never even asked you how your day is going. Their world revolves around them and they want your world to do the same.
  2. Chatty Cathy or Carl – They never stop talking. You cannot pass by their desk without them playing 100 questions. This type of person does not take into consideration that you have a job to do and their constant interruptions are not only annoying, they waste your time. Even when everyone else in the office is quiet you can hear their chatter as they talk to themselves, as it really doesn’t matter to them if anyone is listening or not. Or that their constant noise is driving everyone around them crazy.
  3. They are not friendly – No matter what you do or say, they do not agree. They wear a grimace on their face all of the time and could care less if you are there. Any friendly gesture by you goes unrewarded by them. They are cold, unfriendly, and would probably work well in a dark basement or under a rock.

These are some tough people types to work with or for that fact to be around at all.

We all have to work for one reason or another and if we could just see how we affect our coworkers in some small way and try to make it better for them, we also would reap a better workday.


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