Difficult Coworkers To Work With


Today we will discuss the last of the 10 main complaints that coworkers have with one other.

It is difficult when we are motivated to go to work and have a great day only to encounter issues like these that can bring us down.

  1. The “always right” coworker – They are condescending and demotivating. Their way is the only way and any other way is just not right. As an employer, having this type of person in your workplace is like a disease. They will eat at the core of every employee you have. If you wonder why your employee turnover is high, you might want to look at the only employee that is “long-standing.”
  2. The Control Freak – This person can be a manager or an employee who has fooled the business owner into thinking that they have all of the answers to their workplace issues. They need to have control over all situations and want to be the one that runs the show. As the “always right” employee above, they can ruin your business. Again, it is their way or no way. Business owner beware of this type of person.
  3. The Negative Nelly or Ned – Oh yes, we have all known people like this. Nothing is ever good. They always find the dark cloud and love to pull it not only behind them, but anyone they come in contact with. Say something positive to them you can bet you will not hear anything positive back.
  4. The Perfectionist – This one is bad. I have worked for one before and every day I was beat up for performing great work. It was just not good enough and never would be. I think these types of people buy stock in red pens so they will never run out when marking all of the things that employees do that do not meet “their” standard.
  5. The “Not Professional” – This person “assumes” they are a “Professional” because of the position they hold. They make sure that everyone knows that they are a notch above their coworkers, yet the reality is their behavior does not come close to owning the title of “Professional.” This is the one employee you do not want to associate with at company events as they can tarnish your professional reputation too.  Usually, upper management gets wind of these “Professionals” and they disappear as quickly as they appeared.  Sadly, they never really understand why they were let go.

There are all types of people in the world and they are in our workplaces too. We need to be able to learn from those we work with by gleaning from the excellent qualities they have to make ourselves a better coworker.

We also need to recognize the not so good behaviors and make sure that we do not adopt any of them for ourselves.

“Learning never exhausts the mind” ~ Leonardo de Vinci

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