Your Job Exists For A Reason


Employee morale can either make or break a business. What is sad is many employers often overlook this important aspect of workplace environment and then wonder why they have such a high turnover rate.

What does matter to employers is the amount of work an employee does per hour that they are being paid. What is so amazing about this school of thought is employee work output has been proven to be higher when employee morale is up.

When employees understand why they do what they do, they become more productive. It is rewarding when they know how their purpose affects the company as a whole. It gives employees more sense of responsibility when they understand how they fit into the bigger picture.  People generally are happier when what they do has meaning.

Keeping morale up in the workplace not only provides a better atmosphere for employees, but also creates a better atmosphere for the customers/clients who use the business.

The link below is to an excellent article, on the Mind Tools website, about helping employees find purpose in their work. It has several tips and ideas that you can incorporate into any business.

Helping Your People Find Purpose In Their Work

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