When Judgmental People Speak


Yesterday my blog was about one of the “7 Deadly Sins of Speaking” that Julian Treasure speaks of in his TED talk (see link below).

The topic was gossip. We learned reasons why people gossip and what gossip does to our workplace.

Today we are going to tackle people who are “judgmental” of what others say.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and as you are talking you realize the person who is listening, really is not listening, they have already drawn a conclusion about you or your topic and they are done listening and it is taking everything within themselves not to dump their judgment on you?

Some people just cannot help themselves as they think that they have been given the scepter and you will be condemned according to their law.

Working with people like this is not only draining and discouraging, they can cause our workplace to become non-productive as they combat every effort to move forward and be productive.

I was talking to one of my clients who wanted to make changes in her practice. When I asked her why she had not begun to move forward with her plans, she replied that her manager told her the changes she wanted to make would not work and things would get worse not better.

She said that her manager was just a “perfectionist” and always wanted to do things her way and if anyone came up with new ideas she would certainly let them know why they were not good and they would not be considered.

The manager had discouraged many of this physician’s employees as she was very critical of their work and they felt that they would never be good enough. The doctor also was beginning to realize this might be one of the reasons for a high employee turnover rate.

After much grief and loss of employees this physician did let her manager go and eventually found a wonderful replacement. Not only is her practice doing very well, she has not lost any employees since she let the old manager leave.

The workplace atmosphere is so much better. She cannot believe she let things get so bad and allow such critical judgment to be passed on her and her staff members.

It is never too late to make a change for the better!

“May we have eyes that can see and ears that can hear when one is being judgmental of our self or others and take heed not to drink their poison.” ~ T.C. Totaro


2 thoughts on “When Judgmental People Speak

  1. Many good points there. Some people just have no idea how beneficient it is to actually pay attention, then they are surprised why they can’t carry on a conversation and seem plain, boring, or uninterested


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