One of the Worst Employee Types


Today, the employee issue I am going to discuss is one that I do not tolerate in my practice.   It is Friday the 13th and this employee type is definitely bad luck for any workplace.

This bad habit can come in three different forms and sometimes all three wrapped into one employee. They will make you wonder, how did I hire this person?

It is the “3 E’s”

  1. Excuses
  2. Exaggerations
  3. Embellishment (Lying)

I think working with someone who has the above “traits” has to be one of the worst employees to have in your workplace.

When you think about these bad traits how can you keep them as employees?

You can never really trust that they are telling the truth.

I have read books and articles that state there are ways to deal with these employee issues.

  1. Convey your disappointment to them.
  2. When they make an excuse or lie, ask them further questions like when exactly did you begin the project? What exactly was the time you came in today? Did you try calling the office because you were late? What exactly did you have to do that caused you to work 8 hours overtime this week? The answer is that 99/9% of the time you will find out they do not have a valid answer.
  3. Express your concern for their job.
  4. Clarify their goals and role at work.
  5. Set the bar high and let them know they must reach it or else.
  6. Create a system that causes them to be accountable.

Really, these things will change them?  People who have these types of issues rarely change unless something traumatic happens to them and then it is rare.

There is a difference between an employee that is struggling and messes up occasionally and those employees that are chronically making excuses for not completing their work.

They tell exaggerated tales as to why they could not do something or why they had to do something other than what was expected from them and think that you should just accept what they say. Why should you?

This employee will just flat out tell a lie and expect you to take it as truth. Again why should you?

I think people use the term “embellish the truth” too loosely. It is either the truth or not the truth, there is no in between. Just like there is no being somewhat pregnant, you either are or you are not.

Employers pay a lot for their employees with salary, benefits, taxes, and work comp insurance. I do not see why any employer should keep an employee and pay them 100% of their pay when the employee does not do 100% of their job and causes extra expenses by wasting time at work with the above “3 E’s.”

There are too many good people looking for work that would love to have a job and prove that they are excellent employees to have on your work team. Look for the best of the best, do not keep employees that fall below the line.

If you do, you will end up losing the good employees you have.



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