What Are Employees Looking For?

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Often when an employer is looking for a new employee they base their choice on personality, appearance, possibly experience, and their gut feeling about the person.  They are thinking about what they need and want in an employee.

As employers we need to think about what people are looking for in an employer.  Employers often forget this side of the coin.  Employers can and do take the attitude of “They are lucky if they get the job” and do not think about what they will be offering the employee in return.

For employees to make a commitment to an employer, long-term, they must have these five important factors evident at their place of employment.

1. Leadership – People what someone who they can follow and feel good about following.  Someone who has a vision and knows how to lead their people to fulfill it.

2. To Belong – People want to belong and be a part of a great team.  The want a work culture that appreciates them.

3. To Learn – People need to always be learning.  It keeps their mind active and growing.  If they are learning new things they feel good about themselves and their workplace.

4. To have an impact – People want to make a difference in their workplace.  They need to know the impact they are making at work is making a difference in a positive way to the business and the people it serves.

5. To have a “Trustworthy Employer” – They want to be proud of who they work for.  To be confident their place of employment offers a good service, or products and the owners have ethics and integrity.

When it comes down to it, in order to cultivate and grow great employees you first have to be a great employer.

Five Factor Every Employee Wants From Work

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