This Little Light Of Mine


Many years ago I taught Sunday school to 2nd and 3rd graders at our church.  One of the songs we sang with the children was titled “This Little Light Of Mine.”  It was about letting your light shine to others.

The Star Wars movies have taught us a lot about the “Light and the Darkness” that can dwell in mankind.  Remember Darth Vader’s famous statement “You underestimate the power of the dark side.”   

I disagree with Darth Vader, and think many times people underestimate the power of the light that is within each of us and what we can do with it.  I am sure you will agree that there is just too much of the “dark side” that is being seen everyday in each and every one of our cities.

We have a choice, we can choose to let our “light shine” with each and every encounter we have with others.  A simple smile, act of kindness, or hello we say to others is an action in letting our light outshine the darkness.

Today my action call to you is, which will you choose?  Will you be a Yoda or a Darth Vader?  Will you share your light with others?

We certainly need more light out in our world.

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