So You Want To Leave Your Job?


This past week I had the opportunity to be an employer reference for a past employee.  She just finished her college degree and has been applying for jobs in her new field.

This young woman was a wonderful employee the entire five years she worked for us.  She was dedicated, worked hard, never caused problems and always went up and beyond to make patients feel welcome when they came to our practice.

She worked for us for awhile online when she first started college in another part of the state.  We really missed her when she had to focus full time on her studies, but understood where she was coming from.

There were three prospective employers that called about her and I was enthusiastic to tell them of our wonderful experience with this young woman.  It did not surprise me that all three of these employers offered her a job.

It is so important to realize that you must do the best job possible for each employer that you work for, even if you find out you do not like the job.  Do the best until you leave.  Former employers do have the opportunity to let prospective employers know what type of employee you were.

Even though a former employer cannot say much, there is the one question that they can answer and that is “would you hire this person back?”  A strong “no” says a lot.

Remember be the employee that you want your employer to tell others about.

How To Leave A Job In Good Standings


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