Is It Still Your Dream Job?

Think back to when you landed your “dream job.”  You were excited, even thrilled?

You couldn’t believe that you would actually be doing a job that you loved.

Now fast forward.  Do you still wake up each morning with that same zeal and excitement about going to work?

If not, according to an article from Excelle (link below) the reason you may no longer be excited about your job, usually falls into one of these categories:

1. You are bored, unfulfilled or no longer challenged by your job.
2. You feel overworked and under appreciated.
3. Someone is making the environment less pleasant (your boss, a coworker.
4. It has nothing to do with work but something outside is affecting your attitude.

It is understandable that there can be “bad” days at work.  Things happen at work and in our personal lives that sometimes get in the way.

It becomes a problem that needs to be addressed when these types of days are happening more often and for no apparent reason.  Evaluating where you are in your job is a good thing.  We change, grow and develop new interests.

A periodical “job versus happiness” is good, it will keep you heading in the right direction even if it does mean a career change.

Four Reasons Your Job Is Not Fun Anymore

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