You Have A Choice, Good Day or Bad Day


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I do understand everyday cannot be an amazing day at work, but does it have to be a bad one?

Don’t we have choices about how we feel or react to situations?  Can we turn a bad situation into a good one?

Can we choose to not let something or someone’s actions ruin our day?

We certainly can, but I also think that at times it can be very hard.  We do have a choice and no one can take that away from us.  Recently, a friend passed away from a terminal illness.  I was not with her during her last weeks, but I did hear from those that were.

It was amazing to hear how positive she was during her last few days here on earth.  She was fully aware of what was going on and that her moments were limited, but she made the best of them. Giving strength to those from whom she would soon depart and letting them know that she was fine and looking forward to eternity without pain or sorrow.

She lifted her grieving family and friends, giving them hope and understanding that death was just a part of life.

If my friend could do this, then certainly I think we can find a way to deal with bad situations at work.  When you take into consideration the issue of small, bad things dominating our option for happiness, I think you will agree they should not.

When things upset us or do not go our way at work we do have a choice of how we act and react.

I challenge you to have a good day at work no matter what happens.

Have A Great Day At work

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