Sad Job Situation

Most people work for someone or a corporation that is owned by many.  For the most part people feel very fortunate to have a job at this time to pay their bills.  I am very thankful for my jobs, and do feel very fortunate to have them.

Today, I had an epiphany, which has caused me to be even more thankful.  I was talking with a woman who has been on her job for over a decade.  She likes having her job for a couple different reasons, one because it is close to her home and children and two she can supplement her husband’s income so they can make ends meet.

As we talked more I found out that she really does not like what her job is at all. What she would like to do is too far out of her reach as it would require going back to school for additional certification.  We talked about future possibilities to make this happen, but she did not seem to think they would ever be possible.

She said that she is thankful, she works with nice people and her job is pretty secure.  There was a sadness in her voice almost a hopeless sound.

After I hung up I could not shake the thought of not pursuing my passions and giving up on what I felt my calling in life is as far as work goes.  I began to wonder how many people are in this same situation and feel there is no hope of pursuing their real passion.

I almost feel guilty that every day I get to do what I love.  Not that there is never bad days at work, as there are, but they are far outweighed by the good days.

I cannot stop thinking how fortunate I am or anyone is who has the opportunity to pursue their work dreams and fulfill their passion; and feel that it is possible to attain our dreams.

We must never forget that some people see a road block in their future and no way around it.


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