A Great Disney Work Rule


No matter what type of job we have if the public sees us our appearance has influence on the company we work for.

It is human nature to make these types of judgments even when once they pop into our mind we try to discard them.

Our eyes are quick to transmit to our brain what they see and our brain is even faster to process the judgment before we can consciously say “No” to the thought.

It does seem unfair that our appearance carries such weight, but the fact is that it does.

Last week I was at the Disneyland Hotel presenting at a professional conference and when I am there I always pay close attention to all employees and how they appear and present to their guests.

All employees are clean and neat from Snow White to the sanitation personnel, no chance of seeing wrinkled clothes on anyone of them.  They also are very kind and friendly. I enjoy engaging with them to see if they are holding the Disney values close to their heart.

This is the way Walt Disney wanted it and that is the way it has remained.  He knew appearance and kindness carried a lot of weight.

It only takes an extra minute to take a look in the mirror before stepping out the door and asking, “what type of impression will I be giving today, when someone sees me?”

And what does it take to be the friendliest person your customer has ever met? It takes very little to make our customer’s day, a smile and to treat them how you would like to be treated.

Don’t they deserve it?


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