Simple = Successful

From Point A to Point B

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” ~ Albert Einstein

In this time that we live in things, most things, can be complicated to either understand or possibly do.  There are several reasons for this such as technology and the vast amount of information that is available to us at the touch of a finger.

There are times when our minds can feel discombobulated when trying to understand something new.

In the workplace it really makes sense to keep things simple.  Studies have shown when leaders or managers talk above their people’s heads they lose them and along with losing them they lose productivity.

Working in the medical field I can relate to this.  If a physician talks to his/her patients in medical terminology the patient most times has no clue what the doctor is talking about or very little.  This not only confuses and frustrates the patient, it can make them feel stupid.

I remember feeling this way when I went to purchase a new phone and the salesperson was talking about the technology of the phone like I really would understand him.  All I wanted to know is how to set it up, how good the camera was, and can I use it overseas.  Although the salesperson thought he was doing a great job, in reality he was causing me to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

If you provide services or products to the public it is important to remember to answer their questions in simple terms, if they want more details because they have the knowledge they will ask you.

Apple Inc. is one of the best examples of “keeping it simple” for their customers about their products.  I remember when I purchase my first iPod and I did not know how much memory I wanted the salesperson just told me how many songs the memory could hold.  I understood that and it made my purchase easy.

Remember today when you encounter people at work, customers or coworkers, are you making it simple for them to work with you or are you making it difficult?

Keep It Simple!  Check out the video linked below of Ken Segall who worked 12 years with Steve Jobs keeping Apple simple.

Apple Keeps It Simple

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