Less Really Is Better


I have been reading a really good book and wanted to share a short paragraph out of it to encourage you to do what “you” want with your life.  Remember you do have a choice and if you do not choose then someone else will make that choice for you.

“Everything changes when we give ourselves permission to be more selective in what we choose to do.  At once, we hold the key to unlock the next level of achievement in our lives.  There is tremendous freedom in learning that we can eliminate the non-essentials, that we are no longer controlled by other people’s agendas, and that we get to choose.  With that invincible power we can discover our highest point of contribution, not just to our lives or careers, but to the world.” ~Greg McKeown ” Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

3 thoughts on “Less Really Is Better

  1. That’s awesome! I wrote a blog post that expresses a similar sentiment, but not as eloquently, in which I shared that when I stopped comparing myself to others and didn’t feel the need to compete with them, then I was able to do what I wanted; when I took away the comparison I could be more selective in what I chose to do, and it gave me incredible freedom! Sounds like a great book 🙂


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