Working With A Bad Manager

Many times staff members become disillusioned with their managers because they do not want to connect with them. At times, managers will say things just to pacify their staff so they do not have to deal with certain situations.

Managers need to realize their words hold a lot of weight with their staff members. Staff members depend on their manager to be their go-to person and also be the one to have their best interest in mind.

Below are four things that will cause good employees to leave a company because of a bad manager:

  1. Being promised a raise and then never hearing anything about it.
  2. When they go to the manager with an issue to discuss, and they just stare into the computer screen not looking at them and give a vague answer, which amounts to nothing.
  3. When the manager feels employees, including new ones, should be able to figure out how to do their job given very little instruction or training and if they can’t catch on they terminate them.
  4. There is no encouragement from the manager, only criticism, with a demanding attitude and no real caring about how the employees feel.

I have heard the following statement many times, “People leave their job because of poor managers not bad companies” and this is exactly what happens about 50% of the time.

A Gallup poll taken of more than 1 million U.S. workers showed that the number one reason people left their job was because of a bad manager or supervisor.  That is pretty sad if you ask me.

It is hard to believe that companies do not care enough to make sure their managers are trained and doing their job in the correct way.

The major responsibilities of a manager’s position is to ensure the employees are happy, have a great work environment, are listened to and trained well.

Employee retention is vital to any organization. The cost to fire, hire and train is extremely expensive not to mention that you may be losing a lot of great employees by having a bad manager.

TP 7/2021

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