Take The Appreciation Challenge


To be appreciated is the greatest gift of all. Today, take the time to tell others that you appreciate them.

Here are a few examples of “making people feel appreciated.”

  1. A company you purchase supplies from does a great job with your order, getting it to you on time.  I know that this is expected, but what if you gave the manager of the company a quick call and told them what a good job “Bob” did with your order and you just wanted him to know how much you appreciated it.  How do you think Bob will feel when he hears that you called?
  2. You made a mistake on a client’s bill charging them more than they should be and one of your coworkers happens to catch the mistake before the bill gets sent out and the customer gets upset. Thank your coworker for having a sharp eye in finding the mistake and fixing it before there was a problem with a good client. Not only thank your coworker, how about bringing them their favorite coffee drink the next day?
  3. Say thank you and have a great day to your mail person, UPS or FedEx person, or the person who delivers the drinking water, etc. to your office. Let them know you appreciate their promptness in their service to you. Offer them a piece of candy from your special people candy dish. (It is good to have one of these around)
  4. Tell customers, clients, or patients thank you for coming in to your place of business, let them know you appreciate their business.  Tell them it is people like them that make your business successful. It takes so little, yet it means so much when you let others know that you appreciate them, and what they do for you and the company you work for.
  5. Thank your boss at the end of the day and tell him/her what a great day it was and that you enjoy working with them. Employees always expect their boss to tell them nice things. Beat them to it and I guarantee they will be delighted.

It is amazing how a few words of praise can make such a difference in one’s day knowing what they do is important to you.

Take the appreciation challenge today and see how many people you can thank while at work today.

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