Do Not Fear Failure

Open doorway

“Reach out and open the door that no one thought could be opened.  Life is waiting behind it!”

~ Kelly Ann Rothaus

It is amazing sometimes at what will stop us from pursuing our dreams or desires.  Many times it is things like fear, lack of confidence, or influence of what others think.  What would we accomplish, if we could just put ear plugs into our mind blocking out all of the reasons why we should not pursue what we want and just went for it?

What is the worst thing that could happen?  That it not come to fruition?  Isn’t that what would happen if we didn’t try at all?  So go for it!  You will never know unless you try, and you will be more inspired about your life because you did.

6 thoughts on “Do Not Fear Failure

  1. My son recently got a promotion at work, younger than anyone else ever has, and one of the other employees had told him before that he shouldn’t work so hard, that he couldn’t get the raise, that he couldn’t get the promotion, because it just wasn’t done. But my (then) 16 year old wasn’t afraid to try, and on his 17th birthday, he got the promotion. 🙂

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