Can Reading Change Your Life?


I really enjoy making the time to read and have found reading quality, motivational, inspirational and sensational books over the last two decades has changed my life in a wonderful way. One that I never imagined would happened just from reading books.

You may have heard me mention in the past about Jeff Olson the author of “The Slight Edge” which is a great book about the simple steps it takes to achieve ones goals and dreams.

In his book Jeff states the following, “One should read 10 pages of good book from authors such as, Napoleon Hill, Stephen Covey, James Allen, etc., every day.  Over a period of just one year you would have read 3,650 pages, the equivalent of one or two-dozen books of life transforming material. There is no question after reading 10 pages a day, over a period of one year, that your life will not have been changed.”

Jeff Olson also states “The simple truth is, how you feed your mind is every bit as critical to your happiness as how you feed your body.”  Put junk in and you will get junk out. Put healthy, motivational and inspirational in, guess what you will get out? (I can attest to this!)

Once you begin with 10 pages every day, and keep it up, you will hunger for your reading time. I know because it happened to me and I love capturing my special time to read, grow and be inspired.

Each person must accept responsibility for his or her own future.  If you do not invest in yourself, you will most likely end up investing in someone else’s plan for you.  You deserve the best, give yourself the time to pursue whatever it is that you desire, and then do just that.  Do not let what others want for you to get in the way, you will ultimately regret it.

Here are a few of the books in my library that you might want to check out if you decide take the challenge to read 10 pages a day.

  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • Dare, Accepting The Challenge of Trusting Leadership
  • The One Thing
  • Just Listen
  • The Now Habit
  • The Slight Edge
  • Put Your Dreams to the Test
  • The Business of Happiness
  • The Magic of Thinking Big
  • Repacking Your Bags

There are thousands of excellent, inspiring books out there.  If you have a few favorites please share them with us.

Have a great week and enjoy reading a few pages each day to keep you headed on the path to success.


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